Sakkara Clothing & Costume (SCC), founded in 2010 by designer Kim Sakkara, was originally a custom sewing business. From its start, the business was housed in a series of historic Portland OR basements, well-known for their deconstructed subterranean appeal. SCC morphed into a line of women's dance wear, and more recently street and festival wear.  

The Portland influence is visible in Sakkara's designs. Sakkara is constantly inspired by the badass women of the Pacific Northwest and the subcultures they are part of: the many varieties of belly dance, Goth, and steampunk, among others.

Sakkara creates comfortable, stylish, and functional clothing for women of all shapes and sizes, with designs that layer well together (a must for that fickle Portland weather). Many pieces easily go from the dance studio to the street to the stage to the club.

SCC offers slow fashion within the street and festival wear genres. Production decisions are made with an eye towards sustainability and responsible environmental practices. SCC uses the highest quality fabrics, with a focus on long-lasting and eco friendly natural fibers like bamboo and organic cotton. To reduce waste, SCC creates garments using reclaimed fabrics. The scrap materials from these styles are then donated to local schools and craft groups.

This commitment to sustainability also shows in the choice to keep production in the USA. Every Sakkara Clothing & Costume design is made here and tested before being brought to market. The goal is to create long-lasting, fun garments that the wearer can feel proud of and wear for years.